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Relaxing, Affordable Adventure at Rincon Beach

Haiku in the Bahia RinconBryan and Michelle had just spent wonderful days and nights at the Nicuesa Rain Forest Lodge (http://playanicuesa.com) on the Golfo Dulce and wanted to charter Haiku for “an unique affordable adventure for 2 days”. Wow, did we have an adventure!! Not only a dolphin escort on the way up the Gulfo, they snorkeled in the blue, warm waters, hiked on an mini island only few people have ever been on, and slept the night in the calm Bahia Rincon under a full moon. Yes, the little “corner” of Gulfo Dulce lets you experience the beautiful Gulfo Dulce water, hike to the Corcovado, catch sight of Scarlet Macaws and even come across a floating cabina!!

Can you see both Spinner Dolphins?Yes, we had a dolphin escort – for about forty-five minutes, two Spinner Dolphins wanted to play in between the Vaka (main hull) and the starboard Ama (outrigger hull). They stayed with us so long we were able to catch their “spinning” antics on film and video. Sometimes they submerged to perform a dramatic leap on the starboard side of Haiku and then came right back to “surf” in between the hulls. What fun!! and a chance to be with nature at her best!

Hiking to the Corcovado National Park.Bryan, Michelle and Sammy hiking to the Corcovado National Park – yes, we did see Scarlet Macaws!

Partying on the floating cabina!Bryan and Michelle partying on the floating cabina. The cabina floated into Bahia Rincon for a visit and Bryan and Michelle decided to welcome the invite to party!

Ready to dock Haiku at her home port in Golfito Bay.Coming back home in Golfito Bay – crew and guests are readying lines to dock at Haiku’s Golfito home.

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