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Zancudo Beach friends’ adventure on Haiku!!

Kevin and Elena from Zancudo BeachKevin and Elena from Zancudo Beach chartered Haiku to spend the afternoon sailing the beautiful Golfo Dulce with several of their friends. Their friends were from Zancudo Beach, Golfito, Pavones, Texas and Colorado. They all enjoyed the beautiful afternoon sailing, fishing, and of course eating, drinking and being merry. During the sail a couple, Murielle and Stepabon were engaged, a couple of fun loving friends did the famous “fish dance” and several jumped off Haiku’s swim step to enjoy a beautiful warm water swim in a calm cove in Golfito Bay. Kevin and Elena run the beautiful beachfront cabinas, Oceano Cabinas in Zancudo Beach: http://www.oceanocabinas.com.

Kevin and Elena with friends visiting from the States.Kevin and Elena with their friends visiting from the States. What a way to enjoy visiting with friends but a beautiful tropical day sail on Gulfo Dulce.

The newly engaged couple.The beaming, newly engaged couple enjoying with friends the sights of the Gulfo Dulce.

Friends doing the Who are these friends doing the “fish dance”? We wont tell!

Zancudo Beach friends on Haiku.Zancudo Beach friends enjoying the warm, tropical day sail on Haiku.

A warm water swim in Golfito Bay.Ending the afternoon with a warm water swim in a calm Golfito Bay cove.

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