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Best Snorkeling ever!!! Clearest water ever!!!

“Sprout” aka Julius, states that the snorkeling off Isla del Cano is the best, azure blue water he has ever been in; the water was warm, sparkling and provided a plethora of fish, sharks, coral and CLEAR water. Don’t you want to go there and experience this? The fish swam with him – they were not afraid and came to play with this new ocean creature.

Beautiful fishBeautiful fish to view snorkeling just below the water line off Isla del Cano; not only fish to see but turtles, sharks, several shades of coral including royal blue, yes, royal blue coral. “Sprout” and “Salt D” aka Don, have snorkeled off many beaches and islands; they both stated that Isla del Cano had the best snorkeling they have seen with water this warm and comfortable. No need for a wet suit here. Such an opportunity to see exotic sea life.

Blue coral Beautiful royal blue coral. You hear of pink, white, black coral, this coral was royal blue. It could be seen as we swam over it but with snorkeling you could see ever detail the ocean has to offer. A fun kayak ride on the blue clear water.

Sprout and kayak on Isla del Cano beachArriving at the beach on Isla del Cano via kayak. Wow, doesn’t this look like fun?? Sprout and Queen Janny landed on the beach – riding the waves in! Sprout is readying the kayak to hit the water again!Queen Janny landing on Isla del Cano beach

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