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Haiku at Golfito Bay Dock

Haiku at her home dock in Golfito Bay; she is showing off her Spinnaker sail. Haiku’s tender (dinghy), the red boat is on the left of the dock and our Ponga is docked on the right. Another warm, beautiful afternoon on Golfito Bay. We have just returned from an adventure on the Gulfo Dulce visiting Rincon Beach where our guests snorkeled, fished for snapper and snook and dined in the warm tropical breezes; the only sounds were the faint calls of the jungle including the “howls” of the howler monkeys. On this night our guests slept on the decks bathed in the light of a full moon. The next morning was splendid with the jungle sending out a flock of scarlet macaws to greet us and bid “adios” as we left for home.

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