Isla Del Cocos

Costa Rica – Isla Del Cocos (6-7 Day Trip)

Isla Del Cocos, which is 330 miles southwest of the Costa Rican coastline, offers world class snorkeling and diving, second to none in the region. Cocos Island is an oceanic island of volcanic origin. The landscape is mountainous and irregular and the summit is Cerro Iglesias, rising 671 m high in the southwestern part. Several short rivers and streams drain the abundant rainfall, the largest of which are the Genio and the Pittier, which empty into Wafer Bay. The mountainous landscape and the tropical climate combine to create over 200 waterfalls throughout the island.

Cocos Island is home to dense and exuberant tropical moist forests. It is the only oceanic island in the eastern Pacific region with such rain forests and their characteristic types of flora and fauna. Nearly 90 bird species have been reported. The island and neighboring rocks are home to large nesting colonies of migratory seabirds, including the Brown Booby, Red-footed Booby, Great Frigate bird, White Tern and Brown Noddy. Seven species of land birds inhabit the island, including three endemics: the Cocos Cuckoo, Cocos Flycatcher, and Cocos Finch. The island has five land mammal species, including pigs, deer, cats, and rats. Humans introduced all these land mammals. The Costa Rican government has vowed to control the populations of these animals, as they are harmful to the local ecosystems.

The rich coral reef, volcanic tunnels, caves, massifs, and deeper waters surrounding Cocos Island are home to more than 30 species of coral, 60 species of crustaceans, 600 species of molluscs and over 300 species of fish. These include large populations of yellow fin tuna, giant mantas, sailfish, and sharks, such as white-tips and hammerheads. The largest of all species of fish is also present, the whale shark. Other large marine animals include humpback whales, pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, sea lions, hawksbill turtles, green turtles, and olive ridley turtles.

Thanks to the breathtaking marine life in its waters, Cocos Island was named one of the best 10 scuba diving spots in the World; a “must”, according to experts. Some of the largest schools of hammerhead sharks in the World are consistently reported there. Encounters with dozens if not hundreds of these and other large animals are nearly certain in every dive. Smaller and colorful species also abundant in one of the most extensive and rich reefs of the southeastern pacific. The famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau visited the island several times and in 1994 called it “the most beautiful island in the world”.

(A trip to Isla Del Cocos is a minimum of 6 days due to the distance; 7 days is better. It takes approximately 36 – 48 hours to make the passage, which is 2 days at sea. You can fish all the way there and back (it can be bumpy at times). This will allow you a minimum of 3 days at the island.)

Divers must be certified advanced or expert. Reservations are required in advance to enable us to secure permits and moorings.

What to Bring

Comfortable clothing, strap sandals, hiking or sneakers shoes, mosquito repellent, sun block, sunglasses, raincoat or poncho, binoculars, camera, plastic bags, mask, snorkel, and fins and your BC and regulator if you plan on scuba diving. Surf boards (rentals are available), extra water bottle, dry clothes to change into, and towel. In addition, do not forget your prescribed medicine if you take any.

Supplied by Haiku: 14’ inflatable with outboard motor, Fishing gear, two person kayak, dive kayak, dive tanks, weight belts, (advanced notice is required for scuba diving. You must be a certified diver).